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The Crystal Tones Singing Bowls I use in a Sound Healing Session are from Crystal Tones in Utah, USA. This is my personal collection of 17 bowls that I have curated over the last four years (they are not for sale).

Crystal Tones Singing Bowls are unique, with no two bowls alike. Each bowl resonates with a different chakra/energy and endocrine point. They are the purest of the pure, the highest healing instruments one can find other than the human voice. Other healing Instruments that I use in a Sound Healing Session include a Gaudry Norman Crystal Lyre tuned to 432hz, Dieter Schrade Crystal Pyramids, Planetary Chimes, Biosonic Tuning Forks, a Sun Gong tuned to Venus and so on.

My Sound Healing Studio provides surround sound emitted from the highest quality speakers. My voice accompanies the bowls, we work together in unison to provide harmony and balance to the world. The crystalline structure of our body connects to the crystal powers within the bowls and we are transported home. We are lifted into the wisdom and clarity of the light to clear all that does not serve us. You are reminded of who you are in a sacred, deeply loving remembrance.

All that is not you falls away. You are clear and free to walk forward anew as the brave Master Soul that you are.
Healed, Divine.

Read below for a detailed description of the spiritual, healing properties of my 17 exquisite Alchemy bowls and the other instruments I use.

Crystal Tones and Healing Instruments
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