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Jennifer Elizabetta

I started to create music around the age of 6 years old when I began learning classical piano. I played the violin in an orchestra, was part of a recorder ensemble and sang in the Church choir for over a decade. These experiences helped me to vocally harmonise, to feel the crescendo and diminuendo of a score, to keep time, to perform with ultimately, create music. However, it was always very natural to me. I have an innate ability to write music quickly, turning out too many songs to record. Now though, I am ready to offer my music to the universe, to you.

Tracks will be added here as I record them. Each track is aligned, is pure, is spiritual, straight from my heart and soul. I will be playing a variety of instruments including my 17 Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls. Some tracks have been recorded live, others have been recorded by myself in my home studio in Ashfield by Dunblane.  All songs, lyrics, and music is played / created by me. 

Thank you to my beloved mother, Diana, who worked so hard to pay for my music lessons. I love you. I miss you. I dedicate it all to you.

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more music to follow

music to follow very soon

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