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Sound Healing

Everything is energy, every thought you think, everything you say, even every experience you have had, carries an energy, a vibration. Your body, your heart, your organs, your precious DNA, every part of you, has a frequency. You put out a good vibration and the only thing that responds, is a good vibration. Bad vibrations are on a different frequency - this is quantum physics. And everything makes a sound, the planets, the stars, the stones, the waters, your body, even when you were a baby in the womb, you were humming, making noise. Sound and vibration go hand in hand. "In the beginning was the word".


Dis-ease starts in the spiritual and comes down into the physical. Past and present life experiences, ancestral karma, old memories stored in our cells, negative programming, mind looping thought, stress, trauma all lower our frequency and prohibit us from vibrating at the optimum level for our highest good. When you raise your spiritual frequency the old disappears and you attract different things into your life. 


When you bathe in pure, high frequency sounds, they permeate every part of your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies and things begin to re-balance, blockage is broken down. The crystalline structures within your body resonate with the crystals within the Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls and you begin to remember who you are. As Jennifer accompanies the bowls with alchemic vocals downloaded from the highest layers of love and light, the healing goes deeper. Do not forget that you are a very powerful spiritual being, you are LightForce in a physical body. Setting a pure intention from the power of the heart in trust and faith rises above fearpain into a divine frequency of higher healing. 

Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies

What to Expect

When you enter the Harmonies of Light Sound Healing Studio you will be welcomed into a calm, clear and light filled room. We may drink a herbal tea and talk about what you feel needs clearing in your life. The energy of talking already starts a healing process. We may start with a meditation and some breathing. You will feel safe and grounded. You will lie on a comfortable healing bed with cosy blankets, pillows and bolsters. (We will have discussed your requirements for the session whether it be 60 minutes of Sound Healing, Sound Healing with Holy Fire Reiki or a Meditation and then Sound, the choice is yours).


You will be bathed in a surround sound of the highest healing, purest frequencies on the planet with 17 Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls and other high healing instruments. I will sing with the bowls and harmonics from the highest layers of love and light will flow through me. Your song will be sung. I may call in Angels, Archangels, your Highest Self, your Spirit is a deeply spiritual experience, nothing to do with religion. The spiritual part of your being will have a chance to clear and cleanse. During this process you may find you begin to feel emotional. I encourage this clearing to take place if it comes up. You may find that you fall into a deep sleep. I encourage this chance to rest and heal. Every session is unique.


I have a Crystal Tones Bowl for every chakra/energy/endocrine point. If you are having problems with your throat for example, we can call in Archangel Michael who is in charge of this chakra and I can play my Platinum G Throat Crystal Bowl around the throat area - the combination is a powerful one. If you are having a Holy Fire Reiki session, my hand will be drawn over the area/areas that are blocked. My hand is directed to pull the blockage out and it is blown away, transmuted to the light. Your auric field will begin to clear. Each session is tailored and personalised to the energies within and around you. Afterwards you may feel sleepy and tranquil or lively and active, it all depends on what you have needed during that time. What is certain is that you will have received healing on a deep, cellular level and will have connected to Source LoveLight, to home. You wil have been lifted into your highest timeline for your life here on earth. The energies will stay with you and integrate over time.



At Harmonies of Light, everything is for your highest good.

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All services below can be in-person, online or via distance healing

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