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everything is energy including you


Elevate your health by immersing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies within the higher healing frequencies of 17 Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls.

Traumatic experiences in this lifetime and previous lifetimes, looping thoughts, inner child/ancestral wounding leads to dis-ease, manifesting as stuck energy, blockage. When you are vibrating at the optimum frequency for your highest good, FearPain cannot touch you. 


Jennifer Elizabetta guides you home with her healing harmonic vocals and melodies. Symphonies of Higher Frequencies flow through her. Jennifer's role is to bring in the beautiful New Earth Codes. The crystalline codes within you are then activated. A remembrance occurs that is sacred...that is who you are. Programming dissolves, your divine Goldprint, containing your gifts and talents, elevates.

Your central nervous system relaxes. 

Cellular transformation takes place.

Healing begins.


Brave souls, it is your birth right to now be free of suffering, to recognise you are LightCodes in a body. Together, we will rise up into the wisdom of the light. A blessed future awaits us in the here and now and within us are the keys to unlock it.


17 Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls from Utah, USA

Guadry Normand Crystal Lyre tuned to 432HZ  

Dieter Schrade Crystal Pyramids

Planetary Chimes | Koshi Chimes

Biosonic Tuning Forks

Sung Gong tuned to Venus | Remo Drum

Guided Angelic Harmonics


Your Song Will Be Sung




Gaia Grounding

Heart Activation

Higher Self | Soul | Spirit Guides

Archangels | Illumined Masters

Christ Consciousness

5D Awakening


We Are One


Jennifer Elizabetta

Certified Sound Healer (CMA) | Vocal Alchemist

Multi-Instrumentalist  | Composer | Holy Fire Reiki Master

Jennifer Elizabetta runs Harmonies of Light, a Sound Healing Practice based in Dunblane, Scotland. Jennifer grew up in the Herefordshire countryside at Fern Cottage. She started to learn classical piano at the age of 6 and felt naturally drawn to writing, poetry, music and song. She learned various musical instruments and wrote songs from an early age. After living and working in London, Ibiza and Switzerland she settled in Scotland in 2004. When her beloved mother, Diana, passed in 2009, Jennifer began to ask questions about where she had gone and looked for answers within the spiritual realms. Jennifer felt drawn to healing and wanted to combine her musical abilities with a healing art. When she read the phrase, 'future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies', Jennifer's Sound Healing journey began. She heard the crystal clear clarity and felt the powerful, healing frequencies of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls and started to create her collection. Over the last four years, Jennifer has curated 17 bowls, all hand picked by herself from Utah, USA, to deliver a harmonious soundscape.


Jennifer's Sound Healing sessions are unique, bespoke, spiritual experiences. As the granddaughter of a Romani Gypsy who lived in the Herefordshire countryside in a Vardo, music, nature and spirituality run through her bloodline. Melodies that are destined for you and only you are sung through her, as Jennifer says - 'your song will be sung'. Healing harmonics and the language of light come through her voice. The symphonies of angels and new earth frequencies flow through her vocal harmonies. The sounds and vibrations of her voice teamed with the frequencies of the Crystal Tones Alchemies, break up old patterns and help you to remember who you are. Years of long held trauma, stuck emotion and blockages are released as you ascend back home where you upgrade, held by a deep sense of peace. When you return to the physical you are recalibrated, your physical, emotional and mental bodies having been cleared and cleansed. Jennifer encourages you to remember that you are a powerful being from the stars - a walking master on this earth, here to shine your light. Jennifer has been a Sound Healer in Atlantis and has trained in this lifetime and many others to guide you forward and bring harmony to the world.

Come hear the Angel's Voice 


Sarah Bourne

I came to see Jennifer Elizabetta of Harmonies of Light for a Sound Bath. I had been to a Sound Bath before but with Tibetan Bowls, never with the Crystal Tones Bowls that she uses. Firstly, we chatted about what was happening in my life and what I felt needed clearing. I went into a 5 minute meditation with Jennifer which I found very helpful as I have not meditated much and we did some breathing together which really helped relax me. After this, I went onto the healing bed and lay down. I was very comfortable and felt cosy and warm. What hit me straight away was Jennifer's voice. I have never heard a voice like it. It brought something up inside of me that I can't put into words. I felt a huge release. I was also struck by the clarity of the Crystal Tones bowls, they sounded so pure and with her voice singing together with them, I was transported to a very high, clear place. I saw pure white behind my eyes and then I went into a deep relaxation. It was a unique, uplifting experience and hearing my name sung out felt like Angels were singing directly to me. I highly recommend a Sound Bath at Harmonies of Light. I left feeling clear and rebalanced and slept soundly all night.

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Janet Robins

I have never had a Sound Bath before and was very sceptical but my friend has been and said it was amazing so I went for an appointment. I have had quite a few traumatic experiences in my life and I can't stop thinking about them. I feel quite negative a lot of the time and it is affecting my everyday life. As soon as I went into the room, I felt relaxed and I was able to tell Jennifer about the things that have been affecting me. Jennifer explained a little bit about what Sound Healing is and how it can help to balance emotional and mental energies. I hadn't realised that everything has a vibration, even my thoughts. After speaking, Jennifer guided me through a breathing and a meditation. She grounded me into the earth and then we connected to Spirit. Jennifer said I could call this whatever I felt comfortable with and I liked it when she said that we were connecting to the highest layers of love and light. Jennifer explained how this was a spiritual and not a religious experience and that we would be connecting to Archangels and Illumined Masters. I wanted to learn as much as I could in the session so I was happy with this. I then lay on the bed and had what I would now describe as a spiritual experience. My soul was lifted into the highest healing light and in this place of peace I offloaded everything that I felt was holding me back. All the while, Jennifer was singing, playing the bowls and talking me through it. I cried a lot. Jennifer guided me back down to earth and grounded the healing light in through me and into the earth. I felt so extremely connected, so light and full of life again. I now visit Harmonies of Light once a month and feel this is the best self-care routine I have for myself. I learn so much more each time I visit. Thank you Jennifer for helping me to heal the pain of the past. I forgive myself and others and understand why these things have happened to me. I know who I am now and have started doing the things I love, at last.

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Ewan Robb

I visit Harmonies of Light for a Holy Fire Reiki Session followed by a mini Sound Bath whenever I can. I have had Reiki before but never this form of it. I feel it is very powerful. Most times, I go into a deeply relaxed state, I'm awake but not awake and it feels very healing. Sometimes I hear Jennifer blowing in and out and she explains that this is large chunks of blocked energy that she is blowing away. I often see colours. Jennifer explained to me that all illness starts in the spiritual and comes down into the physical and that my auric fields and electromagnetic fields are being cleared. I then have a sound bath of around 15 to 20 minutes. Jennifer always runs over but never charges me more. She works until she feels the session is complete. I love going to Harmonies of Light because I know that energies that are not for my highest good are leaving me. I feel that Jennifer is a pure channel of Source love and light and her voice is crystal clear, Angelic. She has such a huge collection of Crystal Tones bowls and I love that my physical body and auric field are completely immersed within these high healing vibrations. 

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