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I am a certified Sound Healer (CMA) with the largest 'Crystal Tones' alchemy bowl collection in Scotland.


Using sound healing tools such as voice, crystal chimes, Biosonic tuning forks and Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls, you are lifted into higher light realms and brought back into balance.

Sound is what you are and where you came from. Working with your energetic fields the melodic vibrational transmissions realign every part of you and connect you back to pure LoveLight.

Let your body heal with Sound.



I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner.

You are whole and always have been. ‘Holy Fire’ is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. It is ego free and connects directly to Spirit's high frequency light and divine power.

Deeply relaxed, your body systems and auric field have a chance to heal.


As you lie on the bed, I am guided to pull out thick, dense blockage which is then intuitively blown away and transformed.  I scan and check your body and auric field for density until your lifeforce is clear and restored for that session. 

Come and feel the healing light of Holy Fire

My name is Jennifer Elizabetta. I was born in the English countryside and grew up at Fern Cottage, Herefordshire. After many years I moved to Ibiza, spent time in Amsterdam and Switzerland and have resided in beautiful Scotland since 2004.

My spiritual journey began in 2009 when I lost my beautiful mother, Diana. I wanted to know why and where she had gone. I began to read and listen to spiritual texts and teachers. Over the years I learned that we are SOULS and ENERGY  - that only the body dies, we, as souls, continue on.  I knew I had not lost my mother but that she had merely transformed. My learning increased through meditation and listening to my inner knowing. I remembered that we are DIVINE, from and of SPIRIT, that we choose to incarnate, many times and that everything that happens to us we have agreed upon before arrival. What a relief to know we are always SAFE, no matter what and how very EMPOWERING. 


At the age of 6 I began to learn classical piano. I have composed and sung since I can remember. I wanted to transfer these creative skills into a healing art and discovered Sound Healing. I tune into your energy fields and create personalised sound transmissions to balance, relax and realign anything that is out of sync. I am a certified Sound Healer.

The day I began to learn Reiki Holy Fire is a day I will never forget. I placed my hands above another and felt the undulating energy and electrical pulses in my palms. The healing life force or 'Ki' was palpable. In that first moment, everything made sense. I had done this before and I was home. As a clear channel for Spirit and guided by Brothers and Sisters of the light and Ascended Masters, pure heart intuition and healing energy flowed. I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master.

There is much more I could write about my journey to this point, my gypsy mother, special people and certain moments...but more than ANYTHING I ask you to remember that you are greatly LOVED. YOU ARE THE LIGHT YOU SEEK. You can heal ANYTHING you choose to if you BELIEVE so and ASK for it. 

"Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find"

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