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I am a fully certified Holy fire reiki master.

I have 1st and 2nd degree usui holy fire 

and master practitioner holy fire reiki.

In its purest form, as it was used in Atlantis, Reiki is extremely powerful and effective. Holy Fire is a 'new' form of Reiki in that it connects directly to Spirit. The luminous light direct from source flows through the portals of my body to clear and heal you. As I work, I pull out thick, dense blockages from your bodies and auric field and blow them away, clearing your portals and chakras.


I having developed my own unique style which is ancient, shamanic, and goes deep into your body systems and auric field. You will feel completely relaxed and at peace, healthy, whole and clear. Holy fire reiki is from a higher level of consciousness. It always respects free will and heals deeply and quickly without distress.


One of the more wonderful effects is a feeling of being loved.  You will receive a deep and refined feeling that is very nurturing.

Holy fire reiki will intuitively target areas that need to be healed. It is a pure, loving energy, aided by ego free guides who want to help and heal your body, mind and soul.

I will work until your auric, energetic fields and lifeforce are restored and until I am guided to stop, for that session.

You do not need to be present. it is just as effective over distance.

I recommend a block of 10 sessions. I also recommend a session that is combined with sound healing.  









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