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What is SRT?

SRT stands for 'Spiritual Response Therapy'.

Its roots are based on the work pioneered

by Robert and Mary Ann Detzler.



I am a fully qualified SRT Practitioner and a member of the SRT Association.


SRT is a process of researching the subconscious mind and Akashic

(soul records) to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness and

spiritual growth. The system accesses and works with a spiritual committee

called the 'High Self'. Jesus called his High Self, 'Father'. High Self may consist of one or many souls assigned to you by Spirit. These souls remain with you even when you are without a physical body between incarnations.​ As an SRT Practitioner, I work as a clear and neutral channel for Spirit. Our High Selves work together to clear the energies from programmes over lifetimes, that are blocking you in this current life. When the soul has been cleared of this old data, the conscious mind can then learn a new way of being and expressing for your HIGHEST GOOD. With the pain released, harmony can be restored enabling HEALING and change on all levels. 



Once you have undergone a full clearing, we can then begin the healing process. Things that come up will be cleared and positive energies raised to 100%. You can then move forward in this life in control of YOUR OWN HEALING. Clear of energy that no longer serves, your FULL POWER as a SOVEREIGN being is restored.




What SRT is used for: Spiritual healing, which clears the way for mental, emotional and physical healing by the Soul.

How we get programs: It is not what happens to us in this life or other lives, but the emotional energy we place on it through judgement. In addition to past/other life programmes, we carry many programmes, pre-programmed during our Soul's creation.

How we research programmes: We work with High Self and SPIRIT to research and clear the Akashic record.

How programmes are cleared: We ask High Self/SPIRIT to clear the negative programmes in the Akashic record and subconscious and replace with the positive. We do not do the healing for others; they complete their own healing with the help of their High Self. We facilitate the research.

How to prevent programmes: Understand our own divinity and creativity and stay out of the judgements that create emotional energy.

You do not need to be present for an SRT session. We will talk on the phone first and then the work can be done over distance. A full clearing must take place first, after this we can look into any other programmes that are blocking you such as relationships, health, house clearances (holy spirit washdown), inner child release and so on. your situation will be upgraded to 100% optimum level, always and only if it is for your highest good.  




holy spirit house washdown - £40

extra concerns after full clearing - £35

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